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We offer 2 different packages - Domestic and Commercial

Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens 

Domestic Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens


Domestic ovens can be installed inside your home, on your patio or next to your entertainment area. The ovenʼs dome is made from only the best refractory materials, built to withstand temperatures of up to 1300° Celsius. The floor of the oven is made with firebricks, capable of dealing with daily use and contact with open flames, while the chimney is made from durable stainless steel. With an inside diameter of 900mm, the oven can easily cook three or four 30cm pizzas at once.

Commercial Wood-Burning Pizza Oven


Commercial ovens get built on site, and the size will vary depending on your space and requirements, starting from 1400mm inside diameter. Both dome and floor are built with firebricks and then insulated and plastered. Give us a call for your personalised quote, where we will discuss all the finer details and ensure that you get the perfect oven for your business.


Customised requirements 
Designed especially for your needs.